Introducing NovoPen Echo®

As a parent or carer, you’ll know how worrying it can be to trust your child’s diabetes management, especially when they’re not at home. The NovoPen Echo® is a durable pen designed to help your child manage his/her insulin dosing more confidently:

Simple memory function

Records dose and time since last injection for extra reassurance

Fine-tuned dosing in half-unit increments  for simple yet accurate dosing

Comes in two colours and a choice of fun skins


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Two NovoPen Echo®'s lying beside each other
Labelled diagram of NovoPen Echo®

Easy-to-use memory function


Time elapsed: Each segment represents an
hour since the last dose

Last dose volume: Records the last insulin
dose in units

Comes in two colours and a choice of fun skins

The Penfill® cartridges are quick and simple to change

Robust design that is built to last up to 5 years

Fine-tuned dosing in half-unit increments

End-of-dose click for reassurance

Short button travel makes it easier to self-inject for little fingers

Easy-to-use dial


Up and down function

Dial will not select more units than what is left in the cartridge

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