Introducing NovoPen® 5

NovoPen® 5 is the culmination of more than 25 years of NovoPen® experience. With the additional benefit of an easy-to-use memory function, it builds on the strong design and performance of its predecessor, the popular NovoPen® 4. 

Improving on NovoPen® 4

The world’s most used durable insulin pen

Increases patient confidence and compliance:

Intuitive memory function that records time and dose since last injection*

Comes in two colours and choice of different skins 

*Records dose volume and time within the last 12 hours. 


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Patient getting NovoPen® 5 out of case
Labelled diagram of NovoPen® 5

Easy-to-use memory function:


Time elapsed: Each segment represents an hour since the last dose

Last dose volume: Records the last insulin dose in units

End-of-dose click

Easy-to-set and easy-to-read dose-display

Easy-to-use dial


Easily correct a dose by simply turning the dial the other way

Clicks when dialling up and down

Dial will not select more units than what is left in the cartridge

Comes in two colours and a choice of fun skins

Environmental impact

As the world’s leading pharmaceutical company for sustainability, we strive to reduce the carbon footprint of our products (including the NovoPen® 5) throughout our manufacturing processes and product lifecycles.

The environmental impact from using your NovoPen® 5 is relatively low compared to other consumables as it lasts for several years. When using the pen over its 5-year lifespan, the environmental impact is the same as having driven 4 km per year in an average new European car.

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