Introducing NovoFine® Plus

NovoFine® Plus is designed to make injections more comfortable for you. It is an ultra-thin, ultra-short needle that injects quickly and easily, and is suitable for people of all ages and weights:

Better flow, faster injections

• Designed with SuperFlow™ technology for 31% higher flow,* reducing injection time and force


• The 32G† needle (the thickness of 2 human hairs), is associated with less pain


• The 4 mm length carries less risk of injecting into the muscle


• Unique design to reduce the risk of the needle bending and breaking

Type 2 patient (Anita) painting on canvas


*Compared with BD Nano 32G 4 mm pen needle.
†The G stands for gauge and is a measure of needle thickness; the higher the number, the thinner the needle.

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Labelled diagram of NovoFine® Plus

NovoFine® Plus needles are thin, ultra-sharp, electro-polished and silicone coated with a tapered point to make your injection as comfortable as possible

NovoFine® Plus needles have a unique design to reduce the risk of your needle breaking

Superflow™ technology makes your injection quick and easy, as the thinner needle wall allows for a larger inner diameter, reducing the effort needed to inject your medicine

Pen options

NovoFine® Plus needles fit all Novo Nordisk, and most diabetes pens. 

NovoFine® Plus needles also fit most diabetes pens, such as:






Liprolog® Pen


Huminsulin® Pen


Exenatide Pen


Autopen® Classic


Autopen® 24


Omnican® Pen 31


OptiPen® Pro 1




BerliPen® Areo


BerliPen® Areo 2


BerliPen® 302


HumaPen® Luxura™


HumaPen® Luxura™ HD


HumaPen® MEMOIR™





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The NovoFine® Plus comes in: 

The NovoFine® Plus is available in a 32G 4 mm needle in packs of 100

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