Introducing NovoFine® Autocover®

NovoFine® Autocover® is a simple screw-on needle with an automatic safety shield cover that helps to make you feel more comfortable about your injections, and reduces the risk of cross infection and needle injuries:

• The needle of NovoFine® Autocover® is concealed, which may help relieve anxiety

• The needle of NovoFine® Autocover® is encased before and immediately after injection to reduce the incidence of needlestick injuries

• The shield of NovoFine® Autocover® locks in place automatically after use, preventing the needle from being used more than once

Cap being removed from insulin pen

Learn more about NovoFine® Autocover®

Labelled diagram of NovoFine® Autocover®

NovoFine® Autocover® is a simple-to-use, screw-on needle with a safety shield that covers the needle immediately before and after your injection


Once the needle has been used, the safety lock indicator turns red to indicate that the shield is now locked

NovoFine® Autocover® needles are thin, ultra-sharp, polished and silicone coated with a tapered point to make your injection as comfortable as possible

NovoFine® Autocover® needles may be used in patients of all ages and all weights

NovoFine® Autocover® needles are sterile and for single-use only

Pen options

NovoFine® Autocover® needles fit all Novo Nordisk, and most diabetes pens.

NovoFine® Autocover® needles also fit most diabetes pens, such as:






Liprolog® Pen


Huminsulin® Pen


Exenatide Pen


Autopen® Classic


Autopen® 24


Omnican® Pen 31


OptiPen® Pro 1




BerliPen® Areo


BerliPen® Areo 2


BerliPen® 302


HumaPen® Luxura™


HumaPen® Luxura™ HD


HumaPen® MEMOIR™





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The NovoFine® Autocover® comes in: 

The 30G*, 8 mm NovoFine® Autocover® needles are available in packs of 100

*The G stands for gauge and is a measure of needle thickness;
the higher the number, the thinner the needle.  

Using the NovoFine® Autocover® needle

Click here for information on attaching the NovoFine® Autocover® needle to your pen device.

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