We are interested in novel targets, innovative compounds and technologies that address unmet medical needs, and have the potential to be disease modifying, for people living with a serious chronic disease.

Partnerships based on long-term commitment and mutual interest, and open innovation platforms that share knowledge and data, are key to fostering this innovation.

From universities and biotech companies worldwide, to individual scientists and entrepreneurs, our ability to meet our goals depends on working with you.

Millions of people living with a serious chronic disease relying on us.

• Novel modalities that show, for example, insulin sensitisation, glucose regulation with added benefit on weight or comorbidities, improvement of beta-cell health

• Next generation insulin and GLP-1 receptor agonists with added benefit to glucose control, i.e. weight or comorbidities

• Novel modalities addressing immunotolerance for type 1 diabetes

• Novel modalities that affect appetite regulation or energy expenditure

• Novel modalities that show improvement in lean body mass by fat loss

• Novel modalities that address comorbidities, e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular disease and/or NASH pathways and mechanisms of action that impact breakthrough weight loss (>15%)

• Novel bypassing agents for prophylaxis

• Cell and gene-based therapy approaches

• Clinical assets in haematological disorders

• NASH: Novel modalities that address fibrosis and inflammation

• Atherosclerosis: Novel modalities with potential to address residual risk in patients with high cardiovascular risk on top of cholesterol lowering therapies

• Chronic heart failure: Novel modalities with potential to add significant benefit on top of standard of care in patients with systolic or diastolic dysfunction

• Chronic kidney disease: Novel modalities addressing fibrosis or inflammation with potential to deliver efficacy on top of standard of care

• Cell therapies (stem cell) or differentiation protocols for chronic serious diseases

• Cell encapsulation technologies

• Novel platforms for oligonucleotide or RNA-based therapies

• Peptide and protein technology platforms (expression, purification and modification)

• Formulation and drug delivery technologies with focus on oral delivery

• Exosomes and other cell-penetrating technologies

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