The Bio Innovation Hub is located in Cambridge, MA, at the epicenter of Boston's vibrant science community. We are a highly interdisciplinary expert team on a mission to interact with cutting edge life science innovation to shape disruptive new treatment and technology opportunities.

Ultimately, we believe that the best innovation comes from co-creation and strive to make sure that brilliant scientific ideas can make it past early-stage research to advance as new therapeutic concepts and delivery solutions.

We are calling for proposals for innovative technology or biology platforms, including computational and systems biology, AI/ML, delivery solutions and experimental cellular platforms. Proposals should have disease agnostic potential and contribute to identify novel drug targets or drug modalities.

Approaches that can enable advancements in the following areas will be kept in high regard:

  • Chemical/biological/device mediated oral delivery of biologics
  • Up- or down- regulation of intracellular targets
  • Tissue targeting and/or intracellular delivery of peptides, proteins, and oligonucleotide therapeutics
  • Biomarker discovery and HT multiplexed biomarker analysis en route to precision therapeutics
  • Identification of endogenous/naturally occurring molecules able to modulate metabolism and inflammation

It is considered an advantage, but not a requirement, if the proposal can demonstrate, or be conducive to, a scientific connection within one of our therapeutic areas: diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, NASH, chronic kidney disease, haemophilia and other rare blood disorders or rare endocrine disorders.


The call for applicants is restricted to the territory of the Unites States of America and is directed to:

  • Start-up companies at any financing level
  • University faculty members of any degree of seniority
  • Research institutes (private and public)

To be eligible, the applicants should demonstrate access to the necessary resources (e.g., know-how, lab space, hardware and software) to drive, implement and progress the proposed research theme. See terms and Conditions for further details.


The best proposals will be awarded with a “Co-creation Greenhouse”, a no-strings-attached opportunity to progress science with the help of Novo Nordisk and the Bio Innovation Hub for up to a 6-month period.

The Co-creation Greenhouse entails

Funding: 50.000 USD grant to finance research costs

Expert support: customizable interaction across our value chain fit to project needs.

Support can for example include (but is not limited to) some of the following:

  • Project ideation
  • Disease-specific expertise
  • Technology sparring
  • In-kind support (compounds, assays, biosamples, in vitro/in vivo studies, analysis, characterization and more)     
  • Pre-clinical development knowledge sharing
  • Mentoring beyond early R&D stages (e.g., CMC, clinical trial design, regulatory affairs, new product planning)
  • Support in CRO selection


Applying is simple. We request the submission of a white paper (ideally no more than 1-3 pages long) describing the following:

1. Research interests or company focus. 

2. The idea, concept, or technology of potential interest to us with emphasis on:

  • Prior knowledge, experience, or track record in the given field(s)
  • Description of the proposed project idea, suggested next steps and fit to Co-creation Greenhouse model. It is possible to describe more than one project.
  • Explain how it is envisaged Novo Nordisk could contribute to the project(s)

3. Concise description of applicant current position (if PI specify all academic affiliations, career stage and current lab size; if company provide address, both legal and for research activities, seed stage and number of employees) 

4. Any type and format of relevant supporting information (e.g., non-confidential slide deck, publication, patents, posters, CVs).


Please submit your application below within 12 am of November 24th,2021. Within approximately 10 days from call closure, you should expect to be contacted regarding the progression of your proposal to a later stage. If selected, you will be invited for an interview with members of the Bio Innovation Hub. The winners will be contacted directly by December 16th, 2021, at which point all other applicants will also have been notified.


If you have any questions regarding the challenge, send them to

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