Dialoq® is a smart device. It attaches to your FlexTouch® pen* and automatically records your dosing information. So you don’t have to.

* Dialoq® is intended for patients who have been prescribed Tresiba® or Fiasp®.

Dialoq® records what insulin you inject, when you inject and how many units. It keeps a digital log of this information right on your preferred Dialoq® compatible app*.

Dialoq® compatible apps* create a simple summary of your insulin dosing information. This helps both you and your healthcare provider better understand your dosing habits.

Dialoq® works with compatible apps* so you can download and visualise your insulin dosing information alongside glucose information. This reveals just how your insulin injections affect your glucose levels.

You can share your insulin dosing summary with your healthcare provider. This has the potential for informed consultations and personalised diabetes management based on your individual injection data.

* Dialoq® is currently compatible with the Glooko® app. Dialoq is compatible with iOS and Android. Please see the compatibility list here.

When attached to a Tresiba® U100 and Tresiba® U200 or Fiasp® FlexTouch® insulin pen, Dialoq® records the following information about each injection:

  • The insulin type*
  • The number of units dosed
  • The time and date

*Dialoq® will show a medicine type as unknown if it is not supported.

†Dialoq® records and stores at least 3 months of doses (max. 1,200 doses of injection). Dialoq® has a battery life of 2 years.

Dialoq® transfers your insulin dosing information to a Dialoq® compatible app.

Dialoq® will automatically transfer your doses when you inject if you keep your Dialoq® compatible app open, your phone within reach and Bluetooth® turned on. This creates a digital insulin log that can be viewed by you and shared with your healthcare provider.

But don’t worry if your app was closed, your phone was out of reach or Bluetooth® was turned off during your injection. You can always transfer your doses later – when everything is back in order.

  • Reliable insulin dose recording*
  • Potential for informed, personalised consultations when sharing data via a compatible app†
  • Dialoq® is accurate in more than 99% of the doses recorded
  • Support for treatment with Tresiba® or Fiasp® FlexTouch® pens

*Self-reported diabetes information can often be unreliable. Automatic logging may be more reliable than manual logging.

Dialoq® is currently compatible with the Glooko® app. Dialoq is compatible with iOS and Android. Please see the compatibility list here.

Medical electrical equipment requires special precautions regarding EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and needs to be used in accordance with the EMC information provided here. Portable or mobile RF communications equipment (e.g., mobile phones, pagers…) can affect Dialoq®.

See guidance for use in the environment described in tables of technology, emissions and immunity here.

Set up Dialoq® in 4 simple steps.

1. Attach Dialoq®  to your Tresiba® or Fiasp® FlexTouch® insulin pen.

2. Download a Dialoq® compatible app and connect it with your device according to the full Instructions for Use. *

3. Use Dialoq® with your Tresiba® or Fiasp® FlexTouch® insulin pen.

4. View your insulin dosing information on a Dialoq® compatible app.

For full instructions on how to use the Dialoq® device, please download and refer to the Dialoq® Instructions for Use above.

*If you are already using a Dialoq® compatible app, you do not need to re-download. Dialoq® is currently compatible with the Glooko® app.

Dialoq® is compatible with iOS and Android. Please see the compatibility list here.