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Living with type 1 diabetes should not affect your quality of life. Your life can be just as enjoyable as life without diabetes. It is important that there is good support around you, from family, friends, dedicated groups, health caregivers and other professionals. Good support links can open up a world of social and information channels for you to explore and help you cope with managing your diabetes.  

Diabetes support groups can be really useful for accessing support – whether this is delivered online, through social media blogs, or at local meetings. Check with local education programmes, hospitals and health centres to find out what’s going on in your area and see if meeting places and times suit you.

Young type 1 patient (Charlie) standing on tennis court opposite woman with tennis racket

Remember that you can also provide, as well as receive information and support – your experiences and advice can be really valuable to other people. Think about how it was for you at different life stages with diabetes, such as learning about self-management, dealing with pregnancy, or managing illness, and what could be useful to others.

You may be able to help with local fundraising too, or have skills or resources, such as writing, medical or scientific knowledge, sports experience or recipes, that can help others.

Diabetes magazines can give details of blogs or life stories, as well as helpful food and lifestyle tips. They also give useful links to tools and trackers for helping monitor and manage blood glucose and you can share these with your local groups and contacts.

Your diabetes care team can help you find out about support issues, such as:

Emergency care

Diabetes supplies, education, and services funding

Community resources

Emotional support

Many groups have national headquarters as well as local activities – check your local phone book and search their websites or national offices.

Type 1 patient (Patricia) outside against the sun

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