Our actions and contributions during COVID-19

Hand sanitiser, masks and testing capacity:
We are helping the health authorities fight COVID-19

  • In response to a shortage of hand sanitiser products in Denmark, we are donating 20 tonnes of ethanol from our production facility in Kalundborg to help bridge the gap. In collaboration with partners including Carlsberg, the ethanol will be manufactured into hand sanitizer and provided to the Danish healthcare system in the coming days.
  • As part of ongoing efforts to provide timely support and resources to the fight against COVID-19, we will also donate 2,000 protective masks. These will be sent immediately to authorities in Southern Denmark where the need is most pressing.
  • Testing is a critical aspect of global efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 and as of today, we are dedicating one of our HQ R&D laboratories in Måløv outside Copenhagen towards this key task. Our colleagues are working on a pilot project with the hope that we will soon be able to test hundreds of samples every day.