Currently we are not open for sponsorship applications, but be aware that requests can be directed to our local offices and production sites. This enables us to respond as quickly as possible to your requests. As an example local production sites in Denmark have a variety of sponsorships, which are advertised in local media.

Please consult the nearest Novo Nordisk location. Go to Novo Nordisk Worldwide for local contact information:

How we prioritise

Novo Nordisk primarily sponsors activities within the framework of our therapy areas, with a particular focus on diabetes. Whenever possible, we get actively involved in the planning, execution and/or follow-up of the activities to ensure as high an impact as possible.

Novo Nordisk sponsorship activities are focused on awareness-raising, health-promoting activities such as Team Novo Nordisk and prevention of diabetes. Examples of activities range from diabetes walks and marathons, as well as diabetes camps and sports activities to local community health events.

In Denmark, which is where we are headquartered, we primarily focus on sponsorships on large healthy lifestyle initiatives targeting children and young people and specific diabetes related projects. We do not sponsor individual persons and teams in Denmark.

We do not collect data for or report the total amount used on sponsorships in the affiliates. Nor do we make donations, sponsorships or grants to political party officials, candidates for political office, political parties or political campaign efforts.

Career programmes

We have programmes for PhD's, Post Doc's, medical doctors, graduates and more.

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World Diabetes Foundation

The WDF is dedicated to supporting the prevention and treatment of diabetes in the developing world.

Visit the WDF website

Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation

Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation addresses the significant need for improving haemophilia care in the developing world.

Visit the NNHF website

Employee Volunteering: ‘TakeAction’