From Getting the Internship, to Getting the Offer

Before Novo Nordisk, Peter Haurum, Senior Project Associate at Novo Nordisk Consulting, was an economics student at Copenhagen University (cand.polit). He spent most of his time balancing studies and a semi-professional career as a soccer player, as well as a Student Assistant position as an Investment Analyst. After three years in the financial sector, Peter felt he wanted to expose himself to a broader set of challenges. With this aspiration, Peter found himself curious about the pharmaceutical industry.

When the opportunity to become a Project Analyst Intern at Novo Nordisk Consulting presented itself, Peter felt an urgency to apply. However, he also recalls feeling hesitant when deciding if an internship was the right choice, given his ongoing studies. This was during the time that the Novo Nordisk Internship Program required full-time attendance. Nevertheless, Peter was up for the task, and balanced his responsibilities by studying on the weekends and working during the weekdays. For Peter, this structure worked very well and he was delighted to discover that his department was very flexible in the periods where he had a deadline or exam.

During his internship, Peter says, “I had the steepest learning curve I have ever experienced.” Being in an environment with highly-intelligent and ambitious colleagues, and working full-time, enabled Peter to quickly acquire the skills he needed to make an impact early on. After his internship, he was offered a position as Project Associate. Because of his internship, Peter felt it was a smooth transition into the work world, and that the skills he acquired then, are those he continues to use today, In addition to these skill sets, he also gained a large network within Novo Nordisk, both locally and across the various functions. During his internship, he had many opportunities to participate in social events to meet fellow interns and to attend inspirational talks were he was exposed to different aspects of the organisation e.g. Research & Development and Product Supply.

If you want a career in one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, Peter believes an internship position is a great way to kick-start your career. Whether you are in doubt to do an internship alongside your studies, as Peter was, he encourages you to “just do it!” The lessons he learned along the way were invaluable and if given the choice, he would do it all over again. “You aren’t ‘just’ a student, you are a member of the team, and doing an internship prepares you not only for a job at Novo Nordisk, but for the skills you will need for your future career, wherever that may be.”

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