International Trial Managers

Novo Nordisk’s clinical trials are crucial elements in developing new and better therapies for people with diabetes and other chronic diseases. We perform trials all over the world in close collaboration with our affiliates. The International Trial Managers (ITMs) are responsible for driving and managing the trials from early development phases to market approval as well as life-cycle management.



Rasmus Enggaard


Novo Nordisk runs clinical trials to ensure that our patients get access to safe and innovative medicines as quickly as possible. We conduct our clinical trials in more than 50 countries. The development process typically takes about 8 years and our execution of clinical trials is among the best in the industry. The complex process, the many stakeholders involved and the international aspect makes working with clinical trials both challenging and exciting.

Being a successful ITM requires the ability to project manage and drive the entire trial process. ITMs must be able to communicate with all stakeholders, collaborate with many different job functions, solve issues on the go and manage the challenges that arise when working in a dynamic and international environment.

At Novo Nordisk, our ITMs typically have a background from natural sciences (B.Sc. degree or higher) within pharmacy, biology, engineering, nursing, public health or similar. Being an ITM takes persistency, leadership skills, a curious mind-set and cultural awareness. We expect our ITMs to be experienced and self-driven project managers.

The role as an ITM at Novo Nordisk varies in scope and responsibility from less experienced junior profiles to senior ITMs and highly specialised experts.




In his role as an International Trial Manager, Rasmus Enggaard oversees global clinical trials that can include thousands of patients. One of the things Rasmus most appreciates about his job is being able to work with different stakeholders across various Novo Nordisk departments. Watch our interview with Rasmus to see for yourself how he is driven every day by the possibility of making a real difference to patients – and himself – thanks to the many career opportunities within our organisation.




When Zorana first started working at Novo Nordisk, she was surprised by both the flat hierarchy and about being surrounded by people that were skilled, dedicated, and focused. 

In her role as a Senior International Trial Manager, working with people that possess such qualities can be challenging. But the rewards are plentiful, as Zorana explains in the video above.



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