Meet our employees

Working together to deliver life-saving medicines

The best production processes are a result of team work. In Product Supply, everyone plays a vital role in delivering life-saving medicines. We believe strong collaboration across teams and functions is central to ensuring the best products. 

Roles and skills

Our employees are both skilled and semi-skilled and include Engineers, Chemists, Quality Assurance Professionals, Project Managers, Medical Doctors, Managers, Operators and Technicians, to name but a few.

Employees have a range of educational backgrounds and their competencies are used freely across the different sites in Product Supply. This means that, depending on the role, there are international opportunities for expatriation and collaboration.

Team spirit

When you work in Product Supply you come to realise that your colleagues are among the best within their field. With so many different roles and therefore backgrounds, there is a great opportunity to build networks and learn from people from other areas of expertise.

The team spirit in Product Supply is second-to-none. We’re solving our tasks together - united and with mutual respect.