Join the Medical, Regulatory and Safety Graduate Programme

Looking for a life-changing career within research and development? Then look no further. Our 2-year graduate programme will give you comprehensive knowledge of three key departments in the drug development value chain: Medical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs and Safety. This graduate programme brings you through the regulatory approval process for our multi-billion dollar products in Regulatory Affairs, the management of external key opinion leader relationships in Medical Affairs, and the Safety department's monitoring of side effects worldwide. 

You will get to know the drug development process from multiple stakeholder angles, enabling you to find the niche where your competencies and interests coincide. Working at Novo Nordisk will give you the opportunity to make a significant difference to patients and society whilst also delivering exciting results for the business. This is a great opportunity for future R&D leaders to gain international experience in a world-leading company where you can make a real difference to the millions of people who rely on our products.

Are you one of tomorrow's key people? Use your master's or PhD degree to kick-start your career with us.

What’s it about?

In Novo Nordisk, Regulatory Affairs secure the approval of new multi-billion dollar products and drug indications, making it possible for the company to bring innovative products to patients. We stand at the centre of project planning and execution from the earliest stages of drug development all the way through life cycle management. Medical Affairs is tasked with managing external relations in the scientific and medical community through formulating publication plans, relaying clinical knowledge, and creating educational material. In our Safety department, we are the driving force in ensuring highest safety and lowest possible risk to the many patients worldwide that use Novo Nordisk products. This skilled and advanced pharmacovigilance function surveilles, detects, and assesses side effects globally. 

The Medical, Regulatory and Safety graduate programme has been designed to develop top talents into becoming future leaders within these areas.

During the 2-year programme you will undertake rotations at our headquarter in Denmark and in one of our global affiliates, for example Brazil, the United States, Dubai, and Switzerland. You will work as a fully-fledged member of the team, with responsibilities for one or more projects, and play an instrumental role in ensuring that these Novo Nordisk R&D organisations realise their vision of achieving and sustaining best in class medicine to make a difference for patients.

What’s in it for me?

We are a successful global pharmaceutical company and the world leader in diabetes care. Your skills, dedication and ambition will help us continue to change lives for the better as we grow our business and help millions of people around the world.

Working at Novo Nordisk you will therefore have the opportunity to make a significant difference to patients and society while also delivering exciting results from a business perspective.

During the Medical, Regulatory and Safety graduate programme, you will receive formal training, and gain knowledge and invaluable international experience leading to both professional and personal development. You will develop your core skills within areas such as developing and submitting marketing applications for new products, product changes, clinical trials, pharmacovigilance, stakeholder engagement, educational material creation and developing publication plans. You will work closely with other departments in Novo Nordisk to ensure that issues are covered in their projects; and improving regulatory processes even further.

Furthermore, you will work with senior managers and build an international network of world-class colleagues, establishing yourself as one of tomorrow’s key people in the Medical, Regulatory and Safety network at Novo Nordisk.

We’ve designed the programme so that, following its successful completion, you will be equipped with the necessary skills and experience to become an integral part of our company – typically with a permanent position in Denmark or elsewhere in our global organisation.

Am I qualified?

For a position as a Medical, Regulatory and Safety Graduate starting in September 2020, the application deadline has passed - stay tuned for updates on Graduate positions in 2021.

We are looking for candidates with:

• A relevant master’s or PhD degree in a natural science, for example within pharmacy, chemical engineering, biology, biotechnology, medicine or a related field, and above average academic achievements 

• International experience, for example from studying a full semester abroad, working or volunteering 

• Relevant work experience or extracurricular activities obtained next to your studies 

• An international outlook and the ability to adapt quickly to change 

• A team-player mindset, excellent communication skills, high drive and an eagerness to learn 

• Professional fluency in English, and be globally mobile 


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