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graduate programme

Please note: this specific graduate programme track is targeted at local candidates from China. We offer many other programmes aimed at a global audience.

Looking for a life-changing career within the pharmaceutical business? Then look no further. The China International graduate programme will give you the opportunity to learn valuable skills as you work across different business areas and countries to accomplish your goals in your chosen area. The programme has been designed to develop the next generation of business leaders and will give you the opportunity to make a difference to the millions of people who rely on our products.

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Application Process 

October 8 – November 23: CV Collection,

November 26 –November 30: Logical & English test, 

December 3 – December 12: Phone Interview, 

December 26 – December 27: Assessment Center, 

December 27 – January 27: Vice President Interview & Offer


What’s it about?

With headquarters in Beijing, Novo Nordisk China is the leader in the Chinese diabetes market. We provide services to patients across mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. We were the first biopharmaceutical company to establish a Research centre in China, which is an integral part of Novo Nordisk’s global R&D organisation. Our Tianjin Plant is a strategic overseas production base for the company, supplying diabetes treatment products to both the Chinese and the global markets.

The China International graduate programme is based in Beijing. We offer positions in two different departments this year:

  • Diabetes Marketing
  • Finance


Applying for diabetes marketing, you will have three different rotations in 22 months: function rotation in our regional headquarters in Beijing (6 months), overseas rotation (mainly in corporate headquarters in Denmark) (6 months) and sales rotation in China(6 months). 

Applying for finance, it will be a 24-month program including 4 rotations: 2 rotations in Finance and relevant departments in China (12 months), 1 rotation in Finance overseas (6 months), 1 rotation in sales department in China (6 months).

You will work as a fully-fledged member of the team and learn competencies relevant to the rotation.

Take a look at the blog posts from our current China International graduates to discover the reality of having a life-changing career at Novo Nordisk.


What’s in it for me?

We are a successful global pharmaceutical company and the world leader in diabetes care. Your skills, dedication and ambition will help us continue to change lives for the better as we grow our business and help millions of people around the world.

Working at Novo Nordisk you will therefore have the opportunity to make a significant difference to patients and society while also delivering exciting results from a business perspective.

During the China International graduate programme, you will receive formal training and gain knowledge and invaluable international experience leading to both professional and personal development. You will develop skills relevant to your chosen track and the needs of the business.

Furthermore, you will work with senior managers and build an international network of world-class colleagues, establishing yourself as one of tomorrow’s key people at Novo Nordisk.

We’ve designed the programme so that, following its successful completion, you will be equipped with the necessary skills and experience to become an integral part of our company.


Am I qualified?

To apply for the China International graduate programme in the future, you must live in China and have:

  • Nationality (Chinese in terms of mobility policy)
  • A recent master’s degree
  • A minimum of 6 months’ international experience from working, studying or voluntary work
  • Relevant work experience or extracurricular activities
  • Above average academic achievements
  • Professional fluency in English
  • A minimum of 6 months international experience from working, studying or volunteer work is preferred