Finance & Procurement Graduate Programme

Finance & Procurement Graduate Programme

Looking for a life-changing career within Finance or Procurement? Then look no further!

In 2021 we are offering a range of opportunities across Global Finance, IO Finance, and Global Procurement. Scroll through to learn more about each programme and find the one that's right for you.

Learn about the Finance & Procurement programmes from some current graduates

Global Finance & Procurement

Global Finance

The Global Finance Graduate Programme is designed to develop the next generation of finance leaders. In this programme you will have the opportunity to take your Finance and Business understanding to the next level while making a difference to the millions of people who rely on our products.

Fast-track to success! This full-time position offers you the chance to experience 4 exciting jobs in just 2 years. You will work in various Finance functions across Novo Nordisk’s value chain, from R&D to Sales, to obtain a holistic view on the company.

In 2021 we have 5 job opportunities in the Global Finance Graduate Programme. 

To learn more about the Global Finance programe and to submit your application click here

Global Procurement

The Global Procurement Graduate Programme is a 2-year programme anchored in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The Global Procurement Graduate track provides you the opportunity to understand many parts of our core business and build comprehensive knowledge of our procurement value chain and sourcing functions.  The programme has been designed to develop the next generation of procurement leaders who will drive business performance and shareholder return while making a difference to the millions of people who rely on our products.

We offer 3 job opportunities in the Global Procurement Graduate Programme in 2021. Read more about the programme and submit your application click here. 

Does the Global Finance programme sound interesting to you? Hear more from Florian, a current graduate, about his experience.

IO Finance

IO Finance

The International Operations (IO) Finance Graduate Programme is designed to develop the next generation of finance leaders in our international affiliates covering more than 110 countries. You will get the opportunity to make a difference in a finance organisation covering many emerging and developing markets. The programme ensures ample on-the-job experiences, a multicultural network and international assignments.

We offer 5 jobs opportunities for the International Operation Finance Graduate Programme in 2021, and we are looking for top talents from one of these below countries, who would pursue a career in their home country after their graduate journey:

To learn more about the specific programmes and their requirements, click on the region/country above. 

So, what's the difference between Global and International Operations (IO)?

While all of our programmes offer the chance to explore the world and be stationed in new and interesting places, our Global positions keep a focus on operations in our HQ in Denmark while IO positions offer graduates the opportunity to return to our affiliate offices in their home countries once their rotations end. Our IO positions also have specific requirements for the countries in which they're based while Global positions are open to any and all nationalities. 

Want to learn more about what it's like in the IO programmes? Watch this!