Recruitment and Application Processes

Recruitment process: Who can apply?

In order to qualify for the PMP, you must hold a university degree as a medical doctor. You should have passed post-graduate internship and have 2-5 years of clinical experience.

Documented scientific experience is not a prerequisite, but it is an advantage. The programme offers an introduction to the pharmaceutical industry and the applicant should not have prior industry experience.

You must have practical and analytical skills and be capable of working independently, while at the same time being able to excel in a cross-functional, multi-disciplinary team. Moreover, you should be prepared to travel and work in an international arena.

We expect that you are results-oriented, are good at setting priorities, that you have a broad perspective and an open-mind, and are able to challenge the status quo. Lastly, we expect you to have excellent English skills and be proficient in IT.

Application process

Apply here from 24 January 2020 until 5 March 2020.

For more information please see the FAQ section or contact the PMP manager Natalie Halladin.


Application process opens 24 January 2020 and ends 5 March 2020.

Applicants will be screened continuously.


Screening of applications finalised.

March 7-20: selected candidates will be asked to post a video to present themselves

March 23-25: phone interviews 

End March: selected candidates will be invited for a full day interview in Copenhagen, Denmark


Face to face interviews

Early May: candidates will be informed of the final decision


Pharmaceutical Medicine Programme starts 1 September 2019.

International Applicants 

Novo Nordisk is an international company and welcomes international applicants for the PMP programme.  English is the official company language. It is not a requirement to speak Danish, but there will be opportunities to learn the language. Novo Nordisk will provide relocation aid and support to new international employees and their family. Over the years candidates from China, UK, Italy, Germany, Poland, Albania, Sweden and Denmark have been accepted into the programme. 

You will need to submit with your application a copy of your academic certificates in English.

“If you want to give a fresh start to your career and develop unexplored skills, this programme could be the right answer. You will face daily challenges guided and supported by experienced and talented colleagues in an inspiring and respectful setting.”

Cristina Parrino (Italy),

PMP 1st rotation, Global Development, Team 2015


  • Medical doctor university degree
  • Passed post-graduate internship
  • 2-5 years of clinical experience
  • No prior industry experience

With three rotations over two years, the PMP offers medical doctors a spring board to a life-changing career. 

Applications to the 2020 programme are now open. 

Deadline for applications is 5 March. 

If you have more than 5 years of clinical experience or if you are not interested in enrolling in the programme but you are still interested in joining Novo Nordisk, please visit our job search page and look for opportunities that match your career preferences.