Former STAR PhD Fellow

Marianne Ølholm Larsen Grønning
Current position: Project Vice President

The STAR PhD fellowship allowed me to pursue my personal research interest together with a Novo Nordisk research project team. As a STAR fellow it was good for me to know that you were working on something extremely relevant.

My industry career started as a STAR fellow in 1998

I applied for a STAR Industrial PhD fellowship  at Novo Nordisk because it gave me the opportunity to combine academic and industrial research. Both back then and today I appreciate that the research being done in the laboratory has a direct impact on projects aiming at providing new and better ways to treat diabetes.

Part of Novo Nordisk from the beginning

I did my PhD from 1998-2001 as a STAR fellow. The focus of my project was to develop a model of diabetes to be used at Novo Nordisk. Right from the beginning, I became part of a Novo Nordisk research project team, which was very motivating and gave me the possibility to learn a lot about the research strategies of Novo Nordisk. As a STAR fellow it is good to know that you are working on something extremely relevant.
I had the opportunity to attend international conferences and use the extensive Novo Nordisk scientific network within diabetes to collaborate with internationally acknowledged experts within my field of research. This was an excellent way of learning and getting inspired.

STAR fellowship has meant continuity

After my PhD I continued doing research within the same field. It was a great feeling to see the models that I had worked on during my PhD actually being used in several of our research projects. This was exactly what I had hoped for, when I was spending the long hours in the lab during my PhD time. I was fortunate to be in a position, where I could continue my research on models of diabetes. Based on the extensive results from this work I ended up doing a Doctor of Medical Science degree. I have continued to work with these models in many different project teams but at the same time I have taken on new challenges within R&D management.

New opportunities in China

From the beginning of 2010 I have taken on a new and exciting challenge by moving to Beijing to start a diabetes research unit at our R&D centre located in the ZhongGuanCun Life Science Park. The possibility to combine my experience from our research organisation with a stay abroad has been a wish for me for many years. Things are different here, but like in R&D labs in Denmark, I find myself among a group of great colleagues, who have helped me feel welcome and at home here in Beijing.

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