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A career in Global Marketing, Medical Affairs or Sales lets you experience first hand how we can change the lives of patients by offering a broad portfolio of high quality products.

In Global Marketing and Medical Affairs it is our role to tap into the needs of patients and health care professionals and make these needs known to our colleagues in other areas of the company to make sure we develop and offer the best possible solutions.

In Sales you are at the front line of our business. The prime task is to support healthcare professionals and to do our utmost to help them deliver the optimal care to their patients. You will bring new and better therapies and services to their attention, and educate in the appropriate use of our products.

Working together, marketing and sales guarantee that the investment we make in world-class research and development in new products reaches the millions of people around the world that need the treatments we offer.

If you are ready for a life-changing career in Global Marketing, Medical Affairs or Sales then read on!

What is a life-changing career

We make a difference

It takes about 10 years to turn an idea into a product. Part of marketing and sales’ responsibility is to pave the way for our product and ensure that they become successful and benefit our customers.

1 out of 10,000

It is estimated that out of 10,000 ideas that are born in the lab, just one may reach the market. The entire development process represents some of the largest investments that Novo Nordisk makes, both in terms of capital and manpower.

In general, hundreds to thousands of Novo Nordisk employees have taken part in a product’s development by the time it hits pharmacy shelves.

It is the role of Global Marketing, Medical Affairs and Sales to ensure that these investments come to realisation. Excellent research results in high quality products. However, to become truly successful, these products must be supported by the implementation of effective marketing and sales strategies.

All the employees who have been working on our products’ development are relying on us to ensure that they have not wasted their time and brilliant ideas. The patients are relying on us to educate healthcare professionals about new products – that could really changes lives for the better.

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