Engineer the future

Engineering excellence is important for Denmark and the pharmaceutical industry in Denmark. That’s why Novo Nordisk supports the initiative ‘Engineer the future’

Together with other Danish companies, organisations and educational institutions, Novo Nordisk has launched a campaign to ensure focus on the importance of educating engineers and enhancing focus on research and development within technology. This is also to ensure future growth, welfare and employment in Denmark. There will be a gap of nearly 30,000 engineers in 2020 if young talent doesn’t find it attractive to choose an education within technology or natural sciences!

“ Our ability to develop and manufacture innovative, high-quality pharmaceutical products relies on our employees’ competencies and engagement. Engineering competencies are key in this respect. “

Bård Grande, Corporate Vice President, at PS People & Organisation,
Novo Nordisk Product Supply

Novo Nordisk and the other participants in ‘Engineer the future’ will focus on:

  • Improving the reputation of the educations within technology or natural science. OECD reports that only 2.6% of 15-year-old Danish population plan to start a career within engineering. The OECD average is 6.9 %. In other words there is a great opportunity to create an interest for engineering among young talents
  • Enhancing focus on technology in Denmark. Research made by the market research company, Eurobarometer, shows that in Denmark we seldom seek solutions based on technology and natural sciences. In 2010, Denmark only spent 2.5bn DKK on technical research. This is approximately 14% of the total budget of public research and development expenses and it places Denmark as No 27 out 30 other OECD countries!

The campaign will be running for the next three years and will appear in the social media with the messages: “The world is not saved by ‘Likes’ – It is saved by Engineers”.