At Novo Nordisk, we don’t wait for change. We drive it.
Nothing reflects this pioneering spirit more than the advancements that we’re making in oral therapy, and the people who are making it happen. We’re united on our mission to create the next generation of innovative oral products.  From discovery to production, and every step along the way, our forward-thinking teams of scientists, engineers, and data specialists, are pushing the boundaries of possibility to take us all forward.

Our work is taking centre stage at Novo Nordisk, which means we’re growing. Fast.  Join us on our journey.

The work we do within oral therapies represents the future direction of our company, as we’re applying the innovations made within this space across the different therapeutic areas that we operate in. Our work has - with our pioneering GLP-1 RA oral formulation for type 2 diabetes - and will continue to have a huge impact on the lives of millions of patients around the world today. Above this, though, our achievements in this space will be seen as landmarks in the treatment of chronic diseases for years to come. 

The work we do within the oral therapies spans from research and development all the way through production, and is carried out by three business units: Oral Formulation Research, Oral Protein Formulation and finally Oral Finished Products.

Step 1: Discovery: The ideas and new formulation concepts are developed by our colleagues in Oral Formulation Research

Step 2: Develop: The analytical processes are further matured in Oral Protein Formulation and tested in clinical trials

Step 3: Deploy: Finally, the processes are upscaled and validated to accommodate commercial supply in Oral Finished Products


We’re constantly on the lookout for talented and ambitious colleagues to join us across the value chain. Are you interested in being part of this journey? Read below to learn about the different business units and how you can get involved  


Oral formulation Research (OFR) is the first step in the oral therapy value chain. Oral Formulation Researchers are responsible for identifying new, innovative oral drug delivery systems for the oral drug project portfolio. Specifically,  formulating therapeutic peptides and proteins into orally available products, including solid dosage forms. 

Using state-of-the-art equipment, our purpose is to transform injectable therapies into health and life-enhancing oral treatment options. We’ve done it for people with type 2 diabetes with our pioneering GLP-1 RA oral formulation. And we’re following that with other protein and peptide oral formulations.

We have many different educational backgrounds in our area, from pharmaceutical science and chemical engineering to material sciences. We work collaboratively, sharing knowledge and supporting one another -  and with a lot of freedom. What we all have in common: curiosity, persistence and a whole lot of bravery to step into the unknown. Interested in learning more and understanding how you can get involved? Learn  more here: Oral formulation researchers.

In Oral Protein Formulation (OPF), our formulation employees play a critical role in developing and manufacturing the next generation of innovative oral products for pre-clinical and clinical trials, thereby paving the way for the future manufacturing of these products. Our analytical research employees are responsible for development and validation of analytical methods for tablet process development and batch release. They are also responsible for solid state characterisation including particle characterisation and stability studies.

The OPF area is in the heart of the value chain where we collaborate on one side with our research colleagues and on the other side  with our production colleagues. Essentially, we work to turn new molecules and new formulations into approved products.

Here, you’ll find an environment where curiosity, bravery, and new ideas flourish, driven forward by a collaborative team of scientists and technicians, passionate about developing the processes and analytical methods to fuel future breakthroughs. 

Curious to learn more about Oral Formulation and how you can get involved. Learn more here: Analytical and Formulation Scientists 

Oral Finished Products (OFP) is the unit that is responsible for the mass production of all our solid dosage forms. Our dedicated team of production specialists, including data, IT and automation experts, are united in our passion to get our game-changing oral treatments out to market, to change the lives of patients around the world. We do so by supporting coordination, development, and acceleration of new technologies and optimizing and developing our production systems in the process. We have a production network of factories, different places in the world, and we have the responsibility to supply our oral products globally.

In the value chain, OFP is the closest to the patient, as we are producing the product that actually reaches the patient. For this reason, the patient is always in the forefront of all that we do.

OFP is a relatively new unit, and one that is expanding rapidly due to the success of oral products. Here, we have a pioneering spirit, where you will certainly have the chance to implement your own ideas and make an impact and you’ll be supported along the way by collaborative and friendly colleagues.

Would you like to learn more about Novo Nordisk production and how you can get involved? Learn more here: Manufacturing.