Annual Report 2018

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Novo Nordisk Annual Report 2018 accounts for our financial, social and environmental performance during the year in one integrated report.

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Partnering for innovation

The innovation level required to develop new commercially viable medicines is increasing. To continue delivering life-changing treatments for people living with serious chronic diseases, Novo Nordisk research and development organisation embraces new ways of working and invites even more partners to join us, so we can increase innovation together.

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The future in a tablet

While many people are accustomed to taking a daily tablet, for example as a vitamin supplement, many are reluctant to injecting themselves. Still, the vast majority of patients on Novo Nordisk diabetes products are relying on daily injections to manage their disease. For some of them, this is about to change.

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Vicky and her daughter. Vicky is living with obesity

Committed to making obesity a healthcare priority

Around 13% of the world’s adult population live with obesity. This translates into 650 million people. And the prevalence is increasing. Yet, less than 2% of them – 11 million – today receive pharmacological therapy for this disease. Novo Nordisk is determined to tackle this and has upped its commitment and investments to make obesity a healthcare priority and provide innovative treatment solutions to people with obesity.

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