The Novo Nordisk Foundation may in connection with a capital increase in Novo Nordisk or a merger of Novo Nordisk with other companies waive its controlling interest in Novo Nordisk if it is necessary to uphold and develop the commercial and research activities of Novo Nordisk as an internationally competitive business. However, the Foundation shall strive to maintain material influence in Novo Nordisk through Novo Holdings A/S.


The Novo Nordisk Foundation wishes to be an “Engaged Owner” in relation to Novo Nordisk and apply engaged ownership objectives and principles which among other things are described in ‘Objectives & Principles for engaged ownership in relation to Novo Nordisk A/S and Novozymes A/S’, which is available at the Foundation’s website. The Foundation supports Novo Nordisk in achieving its vision, ensuring competitive financial results and adhering to the Charter for Companies in the Novo Group. However, all strategic and operational matters are decided solely by the Board of Directors and Executive Management of Novo Nordisk.