Compliance with codes and regulations as well as follow-up methodology specified by the Novo Nordisk Way is supported by a range of internal procedures such as the facilitation, quality management system and internal and external financial assurance. The internal procedures are monitored, and potential deficiencies are reported upstream, with serious matters reported to Executive Management and the Audit Committee or the Board of Directors.


Facilitation is a method to evaluate how well the practices and understanding of the Novo Nordisk Way are embedded in the organisation. The findings and identified corrective actions are part of the documentation that the chief executive officer presents to the Board.

Quality audit

The commitment to quality is outlined in the Novo Nordisk Way and the quality policy. Quality is defined as meeting the expectations and needs of customers and society. The quality management system, including audits, ensures continuous improvements and optimal use of internal standardisation.

The quality management system is reviewed once a year by the Board, and the Executive Management conducts a quality management review twice a year.

Financial Assurance

See under Audit.