From the heart

Simone grew up a stone’s throw from Novo Nordisk’s Copenhagen headquarters. Now an employee of the company, in this short film she reflects on her perpetual battles with type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stigmatisation.

By Adam Pittard |  Published 29 September 2017

Novo Nordisk prides itself on its patient-centred approach to business. This statement is brought to life in many shapes and forms – and not least by the employees living with the conditions which the company seeks to defeat.

Simone is one such individual. Her description of a life with type 2 diabetes together with heart disease is both candid and inspiring. By sharing her story, Simone hopes to encourage and support the many people who, like her, are fighting their own personal battles with chronic illness.

As a company that seeks to drive change to defeat diabetes and other chronic disease, Novo Nordisk is fortunate to benefit from the first-hand accounts of employees like Simone. Their experiences play an important role in guiding the support and innovation the company delivers to patients.


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