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Never say never

March 2019|When Becky Furuta was told her cycling career was over, she defied doctors' orders to rise to the top of her profession.

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The technology behind tablets

February 2019|What if medicines injected by millions could be delivered in tablets? Our CSO Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen looks to the future.

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Obesity – The brain is the battleground

October 2018|Our head of obesity research, Mads Tang-Christensen, explains the brain’s role in the struggle to lose weight.

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Towards a cure for type 1 diabetes

August 2018|Jacob Sten Petersen is working to cure type 1 diabetes, a disease his five-year-old daughter Vita lives with.

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Through the lens: portraits of diabetes in the developing world

June 2018|Photographer Jesper Westley captures the many faces of the global diabetes pandemic.

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The exciting potential of stem cell research

May 2018|Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen, CSO of Novo Nordisk, considers the potential of stem cell-based therapies to cure type 1 diabetes and other chronic diseases

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Why we must do more to tackle chronic disease in humanitarian crises

April 2018|CEO, Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen, reflects on the challenge of providing access to care among vulnerable populations displaced by conflict

Driving access to care for refugees

Including the excluded

April 2018|Meet Alvin Moustgaard, one of seven colleagues in our employment programme for people living with autism spectrum disorder.

Including autistic people in the workforce

From dusty rooms to Davos

March 2018|Katja Iversen, CEO of Women Deliver, works every day to drive progress in girls’ and women’s health and rights. We caught up with Katja in between travels to discuss progress, threats and the power of young people.

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Mother of molecules

February 2018|Lotte Bjerre Knudsen, Scientific Vice President at Novo Nordisk, discovered the molecule liraglutide and oversaw its journey from “underdog candidate” to a treatment for more than a million people with diabetes and obesity.

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The pursuit of oral insulin

December 2017|Novo Nordisk Chief science officer Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen reflects on the past, present and future of insulin in a tablet.

Oral insulin remains the ‘Holy Grail’ of diabetes

It’s time we changed the conversation about obesity

November 2017|President and chief executive officer of Novo Nordisk, Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen on why the definition of obesity is just the beginning of a broader, more significant discussion.

Changing the conversation about obesity

From the heart

September 2017|Simone, an employee of Novo Nordisk, reflects on her perpetual battles with type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stigmatisation.

Life with type 2 diabetes together with heart disease

New beginnings

September 2017|With millions displaced by war, business has a key role in helping refugees integrate, contribute and flourish in society.

Our role in helping refugees integrate and contribute

We are not waiting

September 2017|Most companies involve consumers as early as possible in the development of a new product or service. This just makes sense – and is a business critical success factor.

Involving consumers in product development 

The digital health connection in Africa

September 2017|A commitment to children with type 1 diabetes and the growing uptake and use of mobile technology in Africa were the catalysts for action on the ground – and in cyberspace.

How mobile technology helps people with diabetes

With a little help from our peers

September 2017|Can your peers help prevent type 2 diabetes? Henriette Curtz Jansen from Copenhagen municipality thinks so and shares how peer networks have been successful in Denmark.

Type 2 diabetes networks in Copenhagen

A weighty issue

May 2017|The view on obesity is slowly changing, but there are still many myths about the disease that all contribute to creating barriers for proper treatment.

Myths about obesity

Going 100% renewable

March 2017|Novo Nordisk has set itself the target of powering its global production with 100% renewable energy by 2020.

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