Our position on public affairs

In Novo Nordisk we will discover, develop and provide high-quality products and services within our areas of expertise to help patients live better lives throughout the world.

This means that we will:

  • Contribute to the aspiration of the World Health Organisation’s Global NCD Action Plan 2013-2020
  • Carry out research to make new and better therapies, products and services available, covering unmet medical needs
  • Take initiatives to make our products and services accessible to those who need them
  • Contribute to the development of sustainable healthcare systems
  • Advocate equal rights and accessibility to healthcare for all

Our work through public affairs activities helps to impact trends, plans, strategies and policies affecting people with diabetes, obesity, haemophilia, growth disorders, the health care system and society. This includes efforts to improve prevention, early detection and standards of care.

We engage where we have a legitimate company interest and we continuously work in an open and transparent manner with stakeholders such as governments, policy makers, public officials, payers, industry bodies, healthcare providers, academia, international organisations, civil society, patients and their organisations.

Novo Nordisk position

In our engagement with stakeholders we always focus on building trust, openness and transparency.

Stakeholder engagement principles

Novo Nordisk builds and maintains good relations with key stakeholders as one of the Essentials in the Novo Nordisk Way

To guide engagements across the company, we have developed a set of overarching principles for stakeholder engagement: We respect and actively engage with our key stakeholders to ensure long-term business success based on the Triple Bottom Line business principle.

This means that we will:

  • Pursue an on-going dialogue with key stakeholders based on mutual respect
  • Identify and understand the priorities and perceptions of key stakeholders and take these into account when we define our priorities and shape activities
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders where priorities intersect and where collaboration will maximise value to all parties
  • Secure transparent disclosure of any monetary support to stakeholders
  • Track and report engagements with key stakeholders and ensure timely feedback on the outcome

Business ethics and transparency

Novo Nordisk never compromises on quality and business ethics. We conduct our public affairs and lobby activities in an ethical, open and honest manner. This is secured through our Business Ethics policy, procedures and internal policies, reviews and trainings of employees.

Learn more on our business ethics standards.

Conflicts of interest

To avoid the appearance or suspicion that any action or decision has been influenced by personal considerations, a conflict of interest always disqualifies an employee from acting on behalf of Novo Nordisk.

Code of Conducts

Novo Nordisk supports the work to enhance openness and transparency through national or regional Codes of Conduct, Codes of Practice and registers. These include:

  • European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations Code of Practice
  • European Commission and Parliament’s Code of Conduct for the Transparency Register
  • US Code of Lobbying Ethics
  • US Policy on Giving and Receiving Gratuities, Gifts, Entertainment and Other Things of Value; Bribery


Novo Nordisk seeks to learn, impact and provide our recommendations through several forms of engagement with stakeholders. We are for that reason member of industry and business associations, advocacy organisations and have affiliation with think tanks.

Interactions with patient organisations

Partnerships and collaboration with patient organisations are essential to our strategic priority of helping people with diabetes live better lives. These interactions provide us with valuable insights into how the lives of people with chronic conditions are affected. When we collaborate with patient organisations we do it in an open manner, placing utmost importance on securing their independence and integrity in accordance with our own ethical standards. Our support is based on written agreements that clearly state the purpose of the support as well as the amount and a description of indirect support and any significant non-financial support.

List of disclosure of Novo Nordisk's support to patient organisations. Unfold the list under the heading 'National collaboration with patient groups'.

Interactions with public officials

Novo Nordisk observes proper conduct and acts with integrity in interactions with public officials. Representatives at Novo Nordisk interact with public officials for the purpose of discussing legitimate business issues in an open manner. Employees at Novo Nordisk must never offer anything of value to a public official for the purpose of obtaining an improper benefit for the company. Whenever we engage in dialogue and negotiations with public officials, we ensure full openness about whom and what interests are represented. This also includes instances where intermediaries are used to represent the interests of the company.

Corporate political contributions

Novo Nordisk does not engage in any corporate political contributions. This means that no corporate funds are used for direct or indirect contributions or expenditures for political candidates or parties or any payments made to trade associations or entities used for intervening in a political campaign.


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