Novo Nordisk ownership graphic

Novo Nordisk Ownership Model

Novo Nordisk Foundation

The  Novo Nordisk Foundation is a non-profit institution, whose formal purpose is to provide a stable basis for its company's operations and to make contributions to scientific, humanitarian and social progress.

Novo Holdings A/S (former Novo A/S)

Novo Holdings A/S is an unlisted Danish private limited liability company, owned by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and established to manage the Foundation's funds and to invest actively in other companies. All A and B shares in Novo Nordisk A/S, previously held by the Novo Nordisk Foundation, were transferred to Novo holdings A/S (formerly Novo A/S) on 31 December 1999.

The Novo Group

Novo Holdings A/S is the major shareholder in the Novo Group’s two publicly listed companies, Novo Nordisk A/S and Novozymes A/S.

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