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29.2 million patients use our diabetes products

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Our products are marketed in 170 countries

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We have affiliates in 80 countries

Our products

Main product areas

Growth disorders
Hormone replacement therapy

Our products



Annual sale 2018

111,831 million Danish kroner 

Q2 2019

59,372 million Danish kroner

Half-year results for 2019


Sales by region
Q2 2019

North America Operations

28,375 million Danish kroner

USA: 26,978 million Danish kroner

Canada: 1,397 million Danish kroner


International Operations

30,952 million Danish kroner

Region Europe: 11,367 million Danish kroner

Region AAMEO: 7,285 million Danish kroner

Region China: 6,567 million Danish kroner

Region Japan & Korea: 3,122 million Danish kroner

Region Latin America: 2,611 million Danish kroner


Sales by business segment
Q2 2019

Diabetes and obesity care total

50,054 million Danish kroner


Biopharmaceuticals total

9,273 million Danish kroner



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We invest 13.2% of sales in R&D

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19% of our global workforce works within R&D

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We have R&D centres in China, Denmark, India, UK and US

Our research focus


All people diagnosed with diabetes should receive treatment

Learn more about our access and affordability activities

Graphic: Insulin vials

In 2018, 5 million people with diabetes were treated with our human insulin at a maximum of 4 USD per 10ml vial

Graphic: Children

Our Changing Diabetes in Children® programme has provided treatment to 19,000+ children with type 1 diabetes

Graphic: Donations

In 2018, we donated 85 million Danish kroner to the World Diabetes Foundation


Number of employees

More than 41,600 employees (FTEs as of June 2019)

Business area distribution

19% within research and development

33% in production and production administration

38% in international sales and marketing

10% in administration

Novo Nordisk employees angaging

Affiliate distribution (FTEs as of July 2019)

Approximately 39% of employees are located in Denmark (16,347 FTEs) and 61% in the rest of the world:

Africa, Asia, Middle East & Oceania: 7,364

China & Taiwan: 4,552

Denmark: 16,347

Europe (excl. HQ): 4,143

Japan (993) & Korea: 1,144

Latin America: 1,982

North America (US 5,766 & Canada 316): 6,082

(includes Novo Nordisk and NNE employees)



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We supply nearly half the world's insulin


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By 2020 all our production will run on 100% renewable power

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We have production sites in Brazil, China, Denmark, France and the US


We are located in Denmark

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