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#ISTH2019: My excitement as the largest non-malignant international haematology congress heads to Australia!


Published 6 July 2019 | 2 min read

Hello fellow worldwide haematology enthusiasts,

My name is Melanie Jackson and I will be writing a daily blog over the course of this year’s ISTH congress, summarising my experience and learnings over the duration of the meeting.

I am a paediatric haematology fellow, in my final stages of both haematology training and general paediatric physician training. In these specialities, much of my work focuses on non-malignant haematology, and therefore ISTH provides an exciting opportunity to immerse myself in the current worldwide knowledge, experience and research in this area of medicine.

Woman standing in front of isth2019 roll-up

I am currently based in Brisbane, Australia. Due to work commitments, and lengthy travel times, I have not yet made it to an ISTH congress. So, I must admit, I am very excited that the congress is being held within Australia!

Perusing the program, there is so much to look forward to. I am especially looking forward to the Trainee Session on Sunday, with the focus on careers in haematology and how to establish yourself in a desired avenue within this broad field. The plenary sessions are also of interest to my line of work, with renowned international experts speaking about postpartum haemorrhage, molecular drivers of platelet production, thrombotic microangiopathies and anticoagulation targeting the contact pathway.

The congress has introduced a new way of organising topics throughout the remainder of the sessions, and I anticipate I will attend many of the sessions from the “Bleeding”, “Coagulation Consults”, “New Technologies”, “Platelets” and “Women’s & Children’s Coagulation” streams. However, let’s be honest — I know I am going to want to attend everything!

Having attended a few international meetings recently, I also look forward to re-engaging and networking with colleagues from around the globe!

I will keep you updated!

C’ya later!