Inspiring Change in Haemophilia: video series

Photo montage of different haemophilia patients

Welcome to Inspiring Change in Haemophilia, where we hear the patient perspective of living a healthier life with haemophilia. We’re focusing on raising awareness of bleeding disorders including reducing limitations, ensuring healthy joints and staying positive. Our video series features a variety of inspirational people from the haemophilia community who are all making a difference.

Inspiring Change in Haemophilia – Jecorei

Meet Jecorei – an inspirational choreographer, dancer and person with haemophilia from the US. He talks about how exercise helped him with his bleeding disorder and shares a great dance routine.

Inspiring Change in Haemophilia – Tammy

Tammy is an advocate for women with bleeding disorders after being diagnosed with haemophilia as a child. She’s also a yoga teacher and proud parent of a son with haemophilia who’ll be demonstrating her relaxation techniques.

Inspiring Change in Haemophilia – Brigitte

Brigitte is a nutritionist who specialises in haemophilia. In this film she’ll run through why nutrition is important with patient Jonah. They’ll also cook a recipe together while Jonah talks about how improved nutrition benefited him.

Inspiring Change in Haemophilia – Chris

Chris is a mountain climber, outdoors enthusiast and passionate haemophilia advocate. Hear him talk about how following his dreams also helped him to make positive changes with his haemophilia care.

Rare bleeding disorders

We also created films to raise awareness of rare bleeding disorders, acquired haemophilia and Factor XIII deficiency, which both affect the way that blood clots. You can find out more from Linda and Brian’s videos below. 

Raising awareness of Acquired Haemophilia – Linda

Linda tells her story of being diagnosed with acquired haemophilia, a rare bleeding disorder, and how developing an inhibitor changed her life.

Raising awareness of Factor XIII Deficiency – Brian

Born with rare bleeding disorder Factor XIII deficiency, Brian shares his story of where he finds support for his condition.