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Physical fitness is important, especially for people with haemophilia. Everyone feels better when they exercise. Strong, elastic muscles help protect your joints and a good sense of balance gives you control in your movement, having less impact on your joints. It‘s simple: Being fit reduces the risk of bleeding.

The HaemActive™ training programme is specially tailored to the needs of people with haemophilia. You can do the exercises on your own or in consultation with your physiotherapist.

HaemActive™ features exercises for people with haemophilia starting at age 6.


HaemActive at a glance

  • Improve your fitness following video instructions for children and adults for each exercise
  • Use the built-in reminder function to make sure you never miss a session
  • Record your own exercises as recommended by your physiotherapist to include them in your training
  • Add personal notes or your physiotherapist‘s remarks to each exercise video
  • Create a list of your favourite exercises

Evaluate how you felt before and after an exercise, then you can check your progress and optimise your exercise plan

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Stay flexible!

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