Responsible business practices

Acting with integrity in the market place is paramount to earn trust and win stakeholders’ confidence. Novo Nordisk’s sustainability-driven approach aims to secure the company’s licence to operate and innovate. It also drives performance and sparks innovation across the value chain. We have a number of programmes to ensure we remain a responsible business:


Responsible sourcing
Our social and environmental responsibility extends throughout the value chain including the company’s suppliers....READ MORE

Public affairs
Conducting activities ethically and transparently, industry’s public policy activities can be a force for good and contribute to broader...READ MORE

Marketing practices
Marketing pharmaceutical products requires that we operate ethically and with transparency in all aspects of our business...READ MORE

Commitment to transparency in financial relationships with HCP's
We are committed to doing everything we can to improve the treatment of diseases. This includes providing as much information as we can to healthcare professionals, institutions, and patients about proper use of the medicines and delivery systems we manufacture...


Business ethics
For Novo Nordisk - Business ethics is about how we think and how we act in the market place. It is about making decisions....READ MORE

Patient group donations
Novo Nordisk reports on the interaction with a wide variety of patient organisations...READ MORE

Human rights
Respect for human rights is a minimum standard for conducting business with legitimacy. As member of society businesses can play an important role in the protection and promotion of human rights...

Conflict minerals disclosure
Novo Nordisk support the goal of the Dodd-Frank Act regarding the trade in conflict minerals and are committed to ensure compliance with these requirements...