Novo Nordisk takes home Best Sustainability Performance award

On Wednesday, 25 April Novo Nordisk received the Justmeans Best Sustainability Performance award at the 2012 Social Innovation Awards. The award recognised Novo Nordisk’s energy saving partnership with DONG Energy and the World Wide Fund for Nature that resulted in Denmark’s Horns Rev 2 wind farm as well as helping Novo Nordisk achieve its 2014 CO2 emission reduction target.

“This award is a testament to the power of partnerships,” said Corporate Sustainability Vice President Susanne Stormer. “The value of the project between DONG Energy and Novo Nordisk goes beyond our company – the new wind farm has created renewable energy equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 200,000 households.”

Partnerships: the road to sustainability

In 2003, Novo Nordisk and the World Wide Fund for Nature set an ambitious target to achieve an absolute reduction of 10% by 2014 compared with 2004 CO2  emission levels, a relative reduction of approximately 65%. Though reductions from energy savings projects and LEAN process improvements were achieved, the ambitious targets called for more radical innovation. In May 2007, Novo Nordisk signed a partnership agreement with the Danish energy supplier DONG Energy pledging to use savings realised from improved energy efficiency at the company’s Danish production sites for the purchase of renewable energy certificates from a planned new wind farm in the North Sea.

This agreement resulted in a cost-neutral way to achieve significant reductions in CO2 emissions while simultaneously helping to build the market for renewable energy in Denmark. The wind farm, Horn Rev 2, was inaugurated in 2009 and in 2010 the project successfully converted all energy cost savings from the company’s Danish operations into to renewable energy certificates from the off shore wind farm Horns Rev 2.

More than 100 partnerships now build on this model.

Read more about the DONG Energy partnership and sustainability performance in Novo Nordisk’s Blueprint for Change: Climate change 

About Justmeans Social Innovation Awards

The fourth annual Social Innovation Awards showcase companies that are integrating social and environmental responsibility into core business strategy. Applications to the awards programme are judged by an international panel of judges that is completely separate from Justmeans management.  Read more about the Justmeans Social Innovation Awards.