Global 500 improves carbon management and disclosure

For the first time in the ten year history of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) survey, the majority of respondents in the Global 500 report have climate change actions embedded as part of their business strategy. The report, launched 14 September also shows the highest ever carbon disclosure scores, 'demonstrating that the quality and completeness of carbon disclosure continues to improve across all sectors'. Nearly 80% of the Global 500 responded to the 2011 survey.

CDP pioneer

Novo Nordisk has participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project since 2003. Novo Nordisk’s disclosure score has improved over the years from 56 in 2008 to 73 in 2009 and 89 in 2010 and 2011. In 2011, Novo Nordisk has the 5th highest disclosure score in the global healthcare sector.  
All Novo Nordisk responses are publicly available from CDP's website. The 2011 response will be available from 20 September.

The full CDP Global 500 report can be downloaded from

Read more about Novo Nordisk's climate action programme here.

About CDP

The Carbon Disclosure Project, founded in 2000, is an annual ranking of how well the world's 500 largest companies manage risks and opportunities related to climate change – and how they perform on mitigating climate change.