Novo Nordisk Pakistan wins 2010 TakeAction award

In recognition of their rapid response to last year's devastating floods in Pakistan, employees from Novo Nordisk Pakistan were voted the 2010 TakeAction award winners. The award, given to the most impressive employee volunteer activity of the year, was announced at Novo Nordisk's International Management meeting held from May 11 - 13.

"Our Pakistani colleagues set their daily tasks aside to ensure that their countrymen and countrywomen received basic necessities during very difficult circumstances. The Pakistani employees have made an outstanding contribution to people in need," said Lise Kingo, Novo Nordisk Executive Vice President and Chief of Staffs.

Employees chose to make a difference

In 2010, Pakistan experienced some of the worst monsoon rains in 80 years putting one-fifth of the country under water. As the disaster unfolded, employees at Novo Nordisk Pakistan volunteered to take action, focusing their efforts on a relief camp. Employees packed boxes of emergency rations for the victims, distributed vital supplies, donated insulin for people with diabetes, and arranged a medical team to conduct onsite visitations.

Today the floodwaters have receded but 25 million people continue to be affected through loss of property, livelihood and infrastructure. In a continuation of their efforts, employees at Novo Nordisk Pakistan have partnered with a local non-governmental organisation - The Citizens Foundation - and donated 42,595 US dollars to support the education of children affected by the floods.

About the TakeAction award

Every year, a diverse range of TakeAction activities are carried out by Novo Nordisk affiliates worldwide. To recognise their efforts, all Novo Nordisk employees are invited to vote on what they determine is the TakeAction activity most deserving of the TakeAction award. By winning the 2010 TakeAction award, Novo Nordisk Pakistan has the right to donate 25,000 Danish kroner (4,700 US dollars) to a beneficiary of their choosing.

The three other finalist for the 2010 TakeAction award were Novo Nordisk Canada, which found creative ways to start a ripple effect of kindness that spread throughout the local community; Novo Nordisk India, which took educational diabetes outreach camps to offices, colleges and schools; and Novo Nordisk Poland, which conducted diabetes and haemophilia education classes for school children, teachers and parents.

About TakeAction

Launched in 2003, TakeAction is an employee programme designed to encourage and support employees in integrating Novo Nordisk's Triple Bottom Line approach - the company's commitment to financial, social, environmental responsibility - into everything they do.

The TakeAction programme provides an opportunity to engage in voluntary activities and a forum for sharing best practices. All activities are developed and undertaken by Novo Nordisk employees during their working hours and must support the company's business objectives as well as cover social and/or environmental objectives in their local communities. TakeAction activities include diabetes awareness campaigns, fundraisings, diabetes youth camps, collections, walk-a-thons, local community activities and much more.

In 2010, more than 90 TakeAction activities were carried out at 23 different Novo Nordisk affiliates (countries). A total of 13,669 volunteer hours were donated by 2,836 employees.

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