Dealing with dilemmas when implementing a global climate strategy

Novo Nordisk believes that a healthy economy, environment and society are fundamental to long-term business success. We also believe that overcoming sustainability challenges requires involving a diverse group of stakeholders. Most critical are those that will be shaping tomorrow's sustainability agendas.

On April 6, Novo Nordisk Global TBL Management engaged with students from Copenhagen Business School to involve them in answering three dilemmas we face in our efforts to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

The three dilemmas are:

Efficient global transportation patterns

Our plants and offices are widely distributed which entails a great deal of transport. What should we do to reduce these transport activities and how should we prioritise our actions?

Outsourcing – what’s the big deal?

As our supply chain becomes increasingly global, a large part of our carbon footprint comes from our suppliers. How can we work with them on this issue?

Current and future legislation

Current legislation in Denmark (e.g. tax legislation) makes it difficult for us to assess our options for using surplus energy, and some times it stands in the way of implementing new technologies. What should we do?

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The Copenhagen Business School students will complete their answers by April 13 and a summary of their answers, as well responses received via Twitter, will be posted on

If you have a response to one or more of the three dilemmas, please send a mail to