Novo Nordisk commits to adopt Ambitious Sustainability Roadmap in Davos

Underscoring the role of business in addressing global threats - from climate change to widespread poverty or humanitarian emergencies - a group of chief executives joined UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in Davos/Switzerland today for the launch of Global Compact LEAD - a new platform created by the UN Global Compact to take environmental, social and governance performance to the next level and set a new benchmark for corporate sustainability.

Novo Nordisk joins the group of 54 companies, all participants of the UN Global Compact, that have made an ambitious commitment to work towards implementation of the Blueprint for Corporate Sustainability Leadership, a comprehensive roadmap outlining roughly 50 concrete actions businesses can take to achieve greater sustainability.

"The Blueprint very clearly defines what it takes to drive performance and enhance value creation in a sustainability perspective," said Lise Kingo, Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff at Novo Nordisk. "Novo Nordisk has worked systematically for more than two decades to actively manage our business with a Triple Bottom Line approach - seeking to be financially, socially and environmentally responsible. And our motives for doing so are fully consistent with the objectives behind the Blueprint."

Novo Nordisk has played an instrumental role in shaping the Blueprint over the past one and a half years through workshops focused on elevating the Global Compact to a working platform. Susanne Stormer, Vice President of Novo Nordisk’s Global Triple Bottom Line Management sits on the Global Compact LEAD steering committee formed in January 2011.

Addressing global challenges in partnership

Global Compact LEAD companies are expected to share their knowledge through the initiative's local networks in more than 90 countries and to report on their activities at an advanced level. Participants also pledge to work more actively in partnership with United Nations agencies, funds and programmes.

The strengths of the Global Compact LEAD is its level of ambition and the fact that it connects action inside the company with global goals for sustainable development. It recognises the influence and the impact that business can have in addressing global challenges and offers guidance on how to make this impact a benefit to society, said Lise Kingo.

Download the Blueprint for Corporate Sustainability Leadership.

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