Ethics e-learning tools launched by Novo Nordisk and the University of Copenhagen

Thursday 21 May Novo Nordisk and the University of Copenhagen launched two new e-learning tools at the ISO-26000 meeting in Copenhagen. More than 450 delegates from around the globe were invited to test their ethics decision-making skills and to get to know their personal ethics profiles.

The Ethics Decision-Making Tool is designed to lighten up the 'grey zones', Lise Kingo, Executive Vice President, Novo Nordisk, explained at the launch:

'Sometimes you find yourself in a grey zone where there is no obvious right or wrong. The new tools aim at supporting you in navigating in such a 'grey zone' by providing a better understanding of basic ethics and practical guidance on how to make sound decisions. The strength is that the tools combine academic knowledge with hands on experience from business and other practitioners'.

Learning through questions and games

The Ethics Decision-Making Tool consists of an introduction to an innovative checklist that helps the user analyse the ethical dilemma and weigh the pros and cons by posing 9 questions under the headlines: Is it compliant? Is it responsible? Is it generally acceptable? The second part of the tool is a business example of how a chain of decisions in a grey zone results in unintended consequences. This sets the scene for the third part, a board game where the users can play a game and use the checklist before making decisions in a series of 'grey zone' dilemmas.

Ethics Dilemma is an interactive learning tool presenting five ethical standpoints. Through a simple questionnaire, the user gets a better understanding of his or her own ethical standpoint by answering questions such as what you would do if a busy clerk in a large store mistakenly gives you a 20 Euro note in return instead of a 10 Euro note? After exploring your personal standpoint the tool moves on to help you experience how different ethical standpoints can influence decisions.

Peter Sandøe, Professor of Bioethics, Faculty of Life Sciences at Copenhagen University expressed high hopes for the Ethics Dilemma tool:

'It is our hope that the Ethics Dilemma tool will enhance mutual appreciation and fruitful dialogue by enhancing understanding of the different ethical standpoints that people can have. When faced with an ethical dilemma there is no clear right or wrong and what you decide to do is influenced by many factors including your ethical standpoint.'

Tools can be used free of charge

The e-learning tools have been developed in partnership between Novo Nordisk, The University of Copenhagen, UNESCO, LRN and Responsible Business Solutions. The e-learning tools target employees and managers in companies, as well as students and organisations worldwide. The tools are generic and applicable within business training, academic teaching, and inter-governmental organisations.

Using the tools is free of charge. Try them out at:

Further information

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