Health programme reaches 80% of our people


As a world leader in diabetes care, Novo Nordisk leads the fight against the pandemic growth in diabetes and reaches out to patients and people at risk of developing diabetes with global awareness and advocacy programmes. And we practice what we preach: NovoHealth is a worldwide employee programme that is now available to 80% of all employees.

Supporting healthy living

NovoHealth seeks to develop a workplace culture that promotes supports and inspires healthy living for all employees through four global standards, offered to all employees and adopted locally by the company's affiliates. This allows for support from local management and acknowledges local cultural differences: all employees should have access to healthy food and beverages, physical activity, smoke cessation advice and a personal health check with individual advice every second year. These standards are strategically anchored in our company and help drive a very high engagement amongst employees.

The programme was first launched in Denmark, Novo Nordisk's home base, in 2003 and has since evolved into the international programme NovoHealth in 2008. The ultimate goal is to cover all 29,000 Novo Nordisk employees in 76 countries and by the end of 2009 the programme covered 80% of the employees.

Denmark’s healthiest company

In November 2009 NovoHealth took home the first place in the competition to be 'Denmark's Healthiest Companies'. This award scheme was created 2 years ago by a group of leading Danish companies and business organisations, and the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende. According to the panel of judges "Novo Nordisk has developed and refined a solid concept around health, which brings Novo Nordisk to the forefront amongst the most visionary and thorough."

Healthy people equal a healthy company

As part of being socially responsible Novo Nordisk invests in health and safety and people development, and promotes a culture of diversity. NovoHealth is definitely also about attracting and retaining talented people globally by offering a workplace that supports a healthy lifestyle. And fighting diabetes takes healthy lifestyle.

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