Novo Nordisk wins award for best annual report in Denmark

On 1 October Novo Nordisk received the award for the best Danish annual report in 2008 from The Institute of State Authorised Public Accountants in Denmark. The ceremony took place in the historical stock exchange in the centre of Copenhagen and was hosted by Nasdaq OMX and the Danish business daily Børsen.

Apart from appearing well structured, coherent and reader friendly, Chairman of the jury, State Authorised Accountant Eskild Nørregaard highlighted that Novo Nordisk was commended for addressing issues such as the financial crisis, corporate governance, remuneration and risks.

From the podium, Senior Vice President Lars Green commented on the importance of addressing risks associated with the financial crisis in this year’s report: ‘the outcome of the financial crisis is still not clear to us and others. This is why we aim to give a sober account in the report and give our stakeholders insight in how we navigate in troubled waters. It’s important that stakeholders understand that Novo Nordisk is well prepared to pull through’.

Novo Nordisk also brought home the award for best online reporting among the 20 largest Danish companies quoted on the Danish OMXC20 and the award for best OMXC20 annual report.

About Novo Nordisk’s annual reporting

The Novo Nordisk annual report is one inclusive report accounting for both financial and non-financial performance. The 2008 annual report was the fifth consecutive year of integrated reporting

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