Novo Nordisk among top five in DOW Jones Sustainability Indexes

With 85 out of 100, Novo Nordisk improves its score in this year’s DOW Jones Sustainability Indexes, announced by SAM on 3 September, 2009. Since the launch of the indexes Novo Nordisk’s performance has been consistently awarded scores in the top. This year, the rating placed Novo Nordisk just behind the highest score in the health care sector. The average score in the sector is 47.

“We are proud to be among the top performers in the healthcare sector again this year, and we are particularly pleased to see that across the sector sustainability is gaining ground as a competitive parameter. This is a healthy sign that could well help rebuild public trust in the industry. The score awarded to Novo Nordisk reflects our ambitions to be a sustainable business and continued progress in our pursuit of ambitious targets. The annual SAM benchmark is a spur for us to keep pushing the envelope,” says Susanne Stormer, vice president for Global Triple Bottom Line Management in Novo Nordisk.

This year, there were no major changes to the categories, but in the relative weighting of categories, the economic dimension was strengthened this year at the expense of the environmental and social dimension.

Some statistics

SAM’s analysis measures performance on three dimensions: Economic, environmental and social. Novo Nordisk’s total scores in each category are:

  • Economic dimension - 78 compared to a sector best score at 90, and sector average of 54
  • Environmental dimension - 94 compared to a sector best score at 97, and sector average of 49
  • Social dimension – 88, which is the sector best score, while the sector average is 42.

In four categories Novo Nordisk achieves a maximum score of 100:

  • Environmental reporting
  • Eco-efficiency
  • Social Reporting
  • Bioethics

Novo Nordisk also achieves best score in the categories ‘Labour Practice Indicators’ (89), ‘Human Capital Development’ (94), and ‘Occupational Health & Safety’ (91).

See Novo Nordisk’s complete DJSI score here (new window)