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Novo Nordisk among the worlds top 20 sustainable stocks

As the only health care company Novo Nordisk has been listed among the world’s most sustainable stocks. The 8th Annual Sustainable Business List (SB20 List) consists of 20 public companies that are leading the way to a sustainable economy.

According to Sustainable Business”every company on the 2009 SB20 List has continued to grow their business during the recession, dominating their particular industry niche. Corporate pioneers have continued innovating on the green side despite the recession, an aspect which is increasingly viewed as a sign of management excellence and stronger financial performance”.

The companies are chosen based on both sustainability and financial criteria, thereby showing excellent leadership in conducting business in a sustainable manner while being profitable with strong management and balance sheets.

A corporate pioneer in the pharmaceutical industry, Novo Nordisk leads not only in diabetes care and biopharmaceuticals, but in its sharp focus on being a sustainable company. The company leads in sustainability reporting, in its initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and in using alternatives to animal testing, which sets it apart from industry peers.

The list is selected by a group of leading green portfolio specialists, who is given the task of nominating, discussing and then voting on 20 companies that, through their products or initiatives, are contributing substantially to the advance of a sustainable economy.

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