Creating shared value in the United States

Download case: Blueprint for change: Creating shared value in the United States (PDF)

Creating shared value through socially responsible initiatives in the United States

Type 2 diabetes is a growing epidemic in the United States. Diabetes trends present a complex challenge that requires interventions on multiple fronts.

Aligning the needs of patients and stakeholders with Novo Nordisk’s strategy has contributed to our business success in the United States. Delivering on quality of care, early diagnosis, disease awareness and prevention has helped opening doors for those we serve. By mobilising stakeholders and employees in joint efforts to change diabetes for those millions of Americans affected or at risk, we make a key contribution to public health and at the same time strengthen our business. Our efforts helped reduce healthcare costs and have given us a competitive edge in terms of strong relations with the key opinion leaders. The approach has also resulted in a highly engaged workforce and Novo Nordisk’s recognition as being a great place to work in the United States.

Aligning business strategy with the needs of patients, stakeholders and society has contributed to business success and has helped improve quality of care, early diagnosis and diabetes prevention in the United States.