Responsible sourcing

Responsible Sourcing reflects Novo Nordisk's commitment to sustainability and the Triple Bottom Line principle, which shapes our approach to business conduct throughout the supply chain.

The programme also underpins our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Facing an increasingly globalised supply chain, Novo Nordisk procures more from countries in which enforcement of international law may be weak. This emphasises the need to understand the risk to our business from the social, ethical and environmental performance of our suppliers.

At Novo Nordisk, we have adopted a risk-based approach to manage environmental, ethical and social risks in the supply chain. This means that we have built a methodology for assessing our supplier base that consists of a common set of screening principles and a risk model to map and manage social and environmental risks that is tailored to specific sourcing areas. In addition, we also consider the potential for partnerships and capability building among key suppliers.

For more information on our annual performance, see our Annual Report.

For more information about our latest activities, see our Reporting to UN Global Compact Communication on Progress.

Responsible sourcing standards for business partners

Novo Nordisk has implemented global standards for responsible sourcing, asking suppliers to document performance in terms of adherence compliance with laws and regulations, environment, health and safety, labour practices, business ethics, including safety and rights of clinical trial patients and healthy volunteers, animal welfare and sub- suppliers.

Please find the Responsible Sourcing Standards in the following languages below.

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California Transparency in the Supply Chain Act

For Novo Nordisk's declaration on the California Transparency in the Supply Chain Act see our US website.