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Public Affairs

For years, Novo Nordisk has worked with governments, healthcare providers, patient organisations and people with diabetes to improve the standards of care throughout the world.

Changing Diabetes® is Novo Nordisk’s global commitment to improve conditions for the millions of people who live with diabetes around the world today, and those who are at risk of developing diabetes tomorrow. It is a global advocacy and partnership platform from which we engage in dialogue and partner with stakeholders. As a company, and together with partners we advocate the prevention of diabetes and its earlier detection as well as improved treatment and care, to bring about better health outcomes. 

In the context of public affairs, we engage with stakeholders such as policy-makers and public officials, payers, industry bodies, patient organisations, academic institutions, think-tanks, and other organisations.

We never compromise and business ethics and transparency is central to our public affairs activities. Our Business Ethics policy,  procedures and internal reviews and trainings on these, ensure that we observe the highest ethical standards in all of our public affairs activities and that we engage with stakeholders in an ethical, open and honest manner.

Read about guidelines for our public affairs efforts here.

Our public affairs ambitions

Through strategic initiatives such as the Changing Diabetes® Leadership Forums and the Changing Diabetes® Barometer, we aim to:

  • Give people with diabetes appropriate priority by motivating governments to assign resources on par with the scope and severity of the condition and its complications
  • Drive outcomes for people with diabetes by motivating governments to think more holistically when designing healthcare systems in order to generate better outcomes for people with diabetes
  • Break the curve of the global diabetes pandemic by mobilising multi-stakeholder efforts in the fight against diabetes

Our Public Affairs ambitions go hand-in-hand with our corporate strategy and Triple Bottom Line approach, Novo Nordisk way and support our product portfolio.

Our public affairs efforts are also growing in areas such as haemophilia, where Novo Nordisk has a leadership position. Through activities linked to our commitment to changing possibilities in haemophilia® we pursue ambitions to:

  • Strengthen understanding of haemophilia in the broader society
  • Improve access to diagnosis, care and treatment
  • Advance treatment and care through innovation

For more information about our public affairs efforts, see our 2012 reporting to UN Global Compact Communication on Progress, Part 1, Principle 10.