NovoHealth – healthy employees equal a healthy company.

At Novo Nordisk, we strongly believe that change starts from within. We strive to enable people to live longer, healthier and more productive lives. It is this determination that drives our NovoHealth global employee programme.

NovoHealth is Novo Nordisk’s worldwide employee health programme, seeking to develop a workplace culture that promotes and supports healthy living for all employees – an opportunity for Novo Nordisk to practice what we preach. NovoHealth will inspire healthy living among Novo Nordisk employees as a means to drive people engagement and prevent type 2 diabetes and other lifestyle related diseases.

NovoHealth focuses on four key health areas that are offered to all employees. The four areas are adopted locally by affiliates, in order to support and acknowledge local cultural differences:

  • Providing healthy food and beverages in the workplace and encouraging a healthy diet.
  • Providing access to and encouraging employees to do physical activity.
  • Providing a smoke-free work environment and highlighting the benefits of non-smoking.
  • Providing access to and encouraging a health check with individual advice every second year.

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