Case stories

Throughout the years a wide range of TakeAction activities have been carried out by employees all around the world. The activities are as varied and creative as the people who make them happen, but nevertheless they have one thing in common: they are brought about by employees who want to make a difference and demonstrate the Novo Nordisk Way.

India: Setting a world record to save lives

More than 60 million Indians live with diabetes, making the country the ‘diabetes capital of the world’. As part of a sustained effort to change the future of diabetes, 85 employees at Novo Nordisk India decided to set a more positive record: a world record in diabetes screening.

Gathering enough people to set this record was a daunting task, but the volunteers rose to the occasion: On the eve of World Diabetes Day 2011, 3,573 people gathered in the Indian city of Bangalore to join a mass, eight-hour blood glucose screening programme and get educated on diabetes symptoms and risks.


Bangalore citizen getting her blood sugar tested


China: Helping to change the future of diabetes

Tianjin is one of China’s five major cities and is also the location of a Novo Nordisk production site. Novo Nordisk employees in Tianjin are very aware of China’s growing diabetes burden, and especially conscious of its increasing prevalence amongst children. That is why 17 employees from Novo Nordisk in Tianjin could be found in the city’s children hospital, educating 22 children with diabetes and their families on management of the disease.

The team tailored their message to their young audience, writing and performing a drama about a young girl who develops diabetes. The play showed how - with her mother’s help - the girl learned to manage the disease and life a full and happy life.

Managing diabetes through fun and laughter in Tianjin


Brazil: Creative thinking transforms lives

Although the Brazilian City of Montes Claros is thriving, with many multinational companies having chosen to site important production facilities there, unemployment remains a problem for its 400,000 residents.

33 Novo Nordisk employees in Montes Claros developed Novoartes workshops, where unemployed family members of Novo Nordisk employees explored their creativity and generated much-needed income by transforming waste from the production site into works of art. More than 1,000 kilograms of waste have been recycled, and around 900 people have benefitted from the successful workshops.

Transforming waste from the production site into works of art


Japan: Responding to an unprecedented disaster

In March 2011, an earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale unleashed a tsunami that devastated Japan’s eastern coastline, levelling buildings and sweeping everything in its path miles inland. As the nation struggled to come to terms with the scale of the disaster, the cooling system of the Fukushima nuclear reactor failed, prompting the authorities to declare a ‘state of emergency’. Japan’s Prime Minister was describing the series of events as the country’s worst crisis since the Second World War.

As employees at Novo Nordisk’s Japanese affiliate watched the series of disastrous events unfold, they donated nearly two million yen and thousands of essential clothing items. A group of employees volunteered to travel to evacuation centres in Iwate, Northern Japan where many residents were elderly, and - understandably - suffering a great deal from stress. The Novo Nordisk volunteers developed morale- and muscle-boosting diet and exercise classes for the evacuees.