About TakeAction

To translate the Novo Nordisk Way into practise each and every employee in Novo Nordisk has to ask: What can I do to preserve the planet and the quality of live for its inhabitants? This is where TakeAction comes to life as a vehicle for our employees to minimize resources and to treat people fair and well. TakeAction is our corporate volunteering programme that gives employees opportunity to spend working hours for a cause in the local community.

Whenever a TakeAction activity is carried out, the primary objective is to support a good cause; whether it is creating awareness of diabetes in the local community, supporting people with haemophilia in developing countries or maybe reducing CO2 emissions. TakeAction is a vehicle of change.

But we make no secret of the fact that responsible business is good business. TakeAction reflects what Novo Nordisk stands for, and moreover, the programme offers our employees a golden opportunity to make the company’s values make sense. Proud and strongly attached employees are of indisputable value for Novo Nordisk.

The TakeAction programme supports our employees with data, tools and advice for community engagement and provides a communication platform making it possible for employees all around the world to share best practice.

What do our employees and the beneficiaries say about our corporate volunteering programme?

Anupama Rau Attawar, Senior Manager, Communications, Novo Nordisk, India:
“Activities like this make us realize the importance of reaching out and making people aware of diabetes. We actually see the people who are impacted by our activity and it makes us take our works and responsibilities even more seriously. It was a true team effort with every person putting in their best. We felt that we truly embodied the spirit of changing diabetes.”

Jacob Sten Petersen, Corporate Vice President, Diabetes Pharmacology & Bioanalysis, Novo Nordisk, Denmark:
”The TakeAction activities show that our employees have taken our Triple Bottom Line to heart making it more than just a company slogan. To be credible, our company’s social responsibility needs to be represented by each and every employee. I believe that many employees consider it as a great and somehow different teambuilding activity that actually changes something into the better for other people. I think that appeals to many employees.”

Philip E. De Rea, Executive Director, Camp Nejeda, US:
“Your volunteers accomplished an enormous amount of work and will directly improve the experience of our campers. Your past support helped us to make some noticeable changes around the camp. On behalf of all the campers who leave Camp Nejeda with lasting memories and a positive attitude about living with diabetes, thank you!”

John de Jongh, Governor the US Virgin Islands:
"The employees of Novo Nordisk exemplify a spirit of community that is truly impressive. On the heels of formalizing our partnership agreement to help fight diabetes in the territory, which is the fourth leading cause of death for Virgin Islanders, Novo Nordisk gave their own personal time to volunteer and help beautify the island. We are grateful for their efforts throughout the community today, and we are proud of their company mission to help fight and cure diabetes worldwide."