Collaborating for better care

See why we cannot solve the diabetes challenge in the US alone. Read more

Changing diabetes in children

Reaching children with type 1 diabetes in developing countries. Read more

Blueprint for Change

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Environment and climate

Decoupling environmental impacts from business growth. Read more

Changing Diabetes®

Changing Diabetes is the core of Novo Nordisk's contribution to sustainable development.

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No child should die of diabetes

Reaching children with type 1 diabetes developing countries. Read more

Comfort and the empty shop

Comfort lives with type 2 diabetes in Accra, Ghana. Recently, a diabetes support center has opened in her neighbourhood. More about the Base of the Pyramid programme.

Our approach to sustainability

We believe that a healthy economy, environment and society is fundamental to long-term business success. This is why we manage our business in accordance with the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) business principle and pursue business solutions that maximise value to our stakeholders as well as our shareholders. Read more


January 2015

From printed values to practical action

How do you make sure that a set of values or business principles are more than pretty words in a nice-looking pamphlet?

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